Satellite or Fixed Wireless – Which one is the Better Alternative?

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Satellite or Fixed-Wireless. Are they Really so Different?

point to point wirelessIf you haven’t acquainted yourself with fixed-wireless yet, it is time you did. To put it simply, fixed wireless delivers high speed internet to a location through radio transmission, doing away with the necessity for phone or cable lines.

How come many more people don’t know about fixed-wireless Internet? No doubt it’s because it is often wrongly compared to another service called satellite Internet service.

You will find many similarities between these two services. For starters, they each must have an antenna or satellite dish to work. Either of these services offer professional grade without using phone lines or cables. That is essentially where the similarities end. Take a look at some of the more significant distinctions.


Most people know that satellite Internet starts to degrade during storm conditions. Since satellites are located in the outer atmosphere, weather conditions affecting places way outside of your city might actually be interfering with your Internet connection. These types of issues do occur with fixed wireless. Instead of orbiting in outer-space, fixed-wireless antennas are planted securely on the ground. These antenna’s operate below the clouds and are generally immune to most, if not all conditions.

How does latency affect my Internet connection?

Perhaps the biggest difference between fixed wireless and satellite Internet service is going to be the measure of service interruption, or lag. Latency directly affects the quality with your Internet connection.. The thing to bear in mind would be that the lower your latency the faster your speeds will be. when using satellite Internet , the information goes through the satellite dish on up to the satellite in orbit, then back down to your service provider who provides the service and afterwards to the web. All that distance results in considerable lag, which can make even a high bandwidth connection to be slow and sluggish. By using a fixed-wireless connection, your data only moves out from your antenna out to the nearest tower, located typically roughly 10 miles. This ensures that fixed wireless Internet produces more or less the same interference as a land line Internet connection, and will be the same speed or faster. Online players aren’t the only people worried about packet loss – in fact if you ever check with someone who plays Halo or Call of Duty, they’re going to tell you packet loss make a big difference. The same reason online gamers require a high quality Internet service to prevent being booted from the server, quite a few business applications depend on fast response time for them to operate as they were meant to. Voice over IP, video conferencing, and also audio and video streaming are pretty demanding, or even utterly hopeless, to operate with a connection burdened with packet loss.

Bandwidth Caps

Almost all satellite Internet companies use data caps — limits upon the amount of data each connection can use in any specific period — in keeping with a document called the Fair Access Policy. Generally speaking they believe that it is inappropriate for a single client to use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth and turns around and uses it as a form of reason in order to constrain the level of data you could transfer per month. Nearly all satellite Internet providers offer you approximately 5-20 GB each billing period… or more if you decide to pay a little extra. If you go over your data boundary, the Internet provider is given the choice of reducing your data transfer rate… sometimes back down to dial-up speeds. This is extremely unethical for almost any enterprise than relies on constant, reliable internet access to keep their doors open. In many cases, a small businesses are easily able to pass their boundaries depending upon how much they use the Internet.

The good news is, almost all fixed-wireless vendors don’t use “Fair Access Policies” nor do they use restrictions on the amount of data you use. What this means is that you’ll be able to send any sized files, operate a VoIP phone system as well as stream audio and video as much as you like.

Compare Pricing and Contract Options

Just like everything else, Internet customers want to get the fastest Internet for the least possible money. In nearly every scenario, fixed-wireless Internet is less than similar satellite services. And, it does it without making you sign a long term contract.

Satellite might be much more widely used, however, fixed-wireless is more reliable, with low latency, no download limits, and lower cost. It’s a big step up, and a essential choice for your organization.

Find out a little more in relation to commercial fixed wireless by right after the hyperlink.

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